Typical Treatment

is your heart
you placed delicately
in my hands.

are your intentions
not hidden under
false pretense.

are your eyes
and the worlds
hidden beneath them.

"newborn" by typical treatment. (1 january 2013)
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delicately intertwined
in such an infinitely perfect
that words cannot
describe how tranquil it
"beginnings in the ends" by typical treatment. (1 january 2013)
“i fall apart every once in a while.

it takes a few days, sometimes weeks,
to pick up the pieces from the blast.
shards and fragments of myself strewn
over everything i love and hate -

lost and found.

forgive me, darling; please be patient -

i am too often blind in the darkness
that looms over me after i drop it all.”
"the aftermath" by typical treatment. (8 july 2014)

my selfishness sickens me
in the end i am a despicable
human being.

i love only to be loved in return,
and i do good so good can be
done to me -

what it all comes down to
is that i only ever really
do the things that will

somehow return
a positive outcome for me.

"self reflection" by typical treatment. (1 july 2014)
Anonymous said:
Your words make me smile

you make me smile! thank you!

“i feel the tides beneath your ribcage, the current in your lungs. kissing my neck and shoulder, like i am the shoreline you cling to.

i feel you pull me, consume me for a moment, only to disappear - for long enough to make me crave you, but not long enough to allow me to forget the scent and feel of your skin against mine.”
"swell" by typical treatment. (3 january 2013)
“when i close
my eyes,
i can still
your fingers
my hipbone
so delicately;
like it was
the most fragile
you had ever
but you
couldn’t resist
the temptation
to touch it
"at the stroke" by typical treatment. (3 january 2013)

the gnawing void
of you not being here
with me -

the difference between
should and could.

the lonely echo
of your scent on my things -

my pillow;
the only evidence
you were here.

"december falls" by typical treatment. (3 january 2013)