Typical Treatment
"shorelines" by typical treatment. #typicaltreatment

"shorelines" by typical treatment. #typicaltreatment

“the wolf watches the sun rise over the mountain peaks,
and thinks to himself,
‘what a pain to have to wait
until the setting sun to hunt again.’

meanwhile, the eagle watches the pink and misty sky,
and smiles to himself,
‘what a joy this day will bring,
for the sun is up and it is time to sin.’”
"sinners never sleep" by typical treatment. (25 october 2012)
“am i the cancer?
the foreign body that you
wish would take its leave?”
"auto-immune (a haiku)" by typical treatment. (14 may 2014)

i have seen children
backed into corners.

i have seen the eyes of
teenagers so desperate
to escape the hand they’ve
been dealt.

i have seen children
with dreams crushed.

i have seen the hearts of
teenagers trapped in lives
they never wished for or

(and the sad reality of the fact:
only the strongest will survive.)

"secondary school" by typical treatment. (20 june 2014)
“fragments of you and i
collide as the nights progress.
darkness turns to light
without the slightest queue.
and i realise the stars were
worth the wait.”
"nebula" by typical treatment. (25 october 2012)

tonight i looked to the stars
and fought the urge to leave the city,
in an effort to see the glowing patterns
that veil the black and blue.

the milky way has always held
such a current of captivation,
humans awe and admire its very
existence through each evening.

i have come to ponder if the sky
now holds you as a brand new constellation;
a tangible manifestation of the life
that you left behind

for the human race to awe
in the very same way.

"creating constellations" by typical treatment. (13 may 2014)

you are a manifestation of everyone you have ever known and what they have taught you. paradoxically, this is what makes you who you are - you are a unique human being. no one has, and will ever be, exactly like you. you are the first and only you in all of human history, and that is special.

people may not learn about you for centuries to come, and your memory may fade in the years after your passing - but that doesn’t make your existence any less real. what matters is what you make of your own life, not the mark you leave.

there is no point striving for anything but your own happiness. you are the only you. never forget that.

"one of a kind" by typical treatment. (12 december 2012)
Anonymous said:
would you ever consider making/selling a book of sorts of some of your work? because I would love to have one.

hey there!

it is definitely something i am looking into. however a project like this needs money and time which i can’t currently dedicate. i am (fingers crossed) going to have something together within the next 12 months.

for now, i have a collection of 40 of my haikus available in an ebook format on my etsy here.

thanks so much for the interest!

“i once gave these eyes
to someone so undeserving,
but now i want them
with you and where
your heart rests.”
"times change" by typical treatment. (21 september 2012)
Anonymous said:
I am absolutely in love with all of your work. you are my favorite poet by far.

that is an absolute honor, thank you so much! though i definitely do not consider myself a poet!